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Eric Hedin, that Ball State physicist whose ID course was Cancelled, has a new book out

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Ball State U physicist Eric Hedin (whose course got Canceled over ID) has a new book out, Canceled Science: What Some Atheists Don’t Want You to See.

Jonathan Witt has the story:

You may remember Eric Hedin’s story. Atheist Jerry Coyne and the Freedom from Religion Foundation targeted the Ball State University physicist after they learned his popular Boundaries of Science honors course dared to expose students to scientific evidence of intelligent design in the universe. The atheists launched a public campaign and successfully pressured Ball State to cancel the course…

Dr. Hedin studied experimental plasma physics at the University of Washington, moved to Europe to do experimental fusion energy research, and then transitioned into academia. The opening chapter tells the dramatic story of how he was enjoying a peaceful career at Ball State when the letter from Jerry Coyne arrived and all hell broke loose.

Jonathan Witt, “New Book by Physicist Eric Hedin Challenges Atheist Cancel Culture” at Evolution News and Science Today

The funny thing is that Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne is often heard wittering these days about people he approves of — or doesn’t disapprove of — getting Cancelled. And it’s not likely he will ever get the significance of the role he played in starting the ball rolling.

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