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Event Announcement: “Design in Nature?” Conference in Cambridge

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“Design in Nature?” The Tyndale Philosophy of Religion group is hosting an important conference at Hughes Hall, Cambridge on July 14th to discuss that question.

The natural world appears to be full of order from the macro-scale of the apparent ‘fine-tuning’ of the universe to the inside of the cell. Is this apparent order real and, if so, how did it get there? This one-day Cambridge Conference will feature four perspectives on different aspects of the question as to whether this apparent order should lead us to think there is intelligent design, or if it can be explained in purely naturalistic terms (e.g., in the case of biology, Darwinism).

Here’s the speaker line-up:

  • Dr. Stephen C. Meyer (Director, Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture);
  • Prof. Steve Fuller (Professor of Sociology, Warwick);
  • Prof. Stephen Clark (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Liverpool);
  • Dr David Glass (Lecturer, School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Ulster).

For more details and on-line registration see http://www.tyndalephilosophy.org.uk/Events

At first I thought this was going to be about how 'constructal' law had somehow made its way to Cambridge, which would trouble me sore. But that's not what it was, so I'm ok. But I still keep double checking the roster to make sure Bejan is still not on it. M. Holcumbrink

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