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Everything we can know about ourselves before we were born

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From the Virtual Embryo Project:

This $3.2 million, 11-year initiative engaged a team led by Dr. Raymond F. Gasser—one of the leading embryologists of the last half century. His team created thousands of restored, digitized, and labeled serial sections from the world’s largest collection of preserved human embryos. They used these serial sections to create animations, fly-throughs, and 3-D reconstructions. More.

Think of it as our personal evolutionary history…

@rvb8 in my opinion, the best route is to not kill people, but instead try to improve their lives. But, that's just my opinion. On the other hand, if we are being utilitarian, why draw the line at killing people before they are born? Why not kill as many undesirable lives as we can as hygienically as possible? We can poison the water supply, give them deadly toxins disguised as vaccines, and otherwise encourage them to eliminate themselves as much as possible, without too much suffering, of course. Further, if we convince most of the populace the undesirables are subhuman, we can just commence wholesale slaughter as efficiently as possible, maybe with poison gas, and most won't care too much. After all, if ultimately we are trying to reduce suffering as much as possible we have to make short term sacrifices for long term benefits. Of course, if eliminating suffering is the ultimate goal, we might as well just extinguish all of sentient life. Sounds extreme, but we cannot let emotions stand in the way of logic and progress. EricMH
I have no problem with the experimentation on embryos, or indeed fetuses. Whether these were aborted by man in the operation room, or God by 'miscarriage', means little to me. It is the living, self aware that concern me. Those that need health care, clean water, good air, a fair wage, an education that is equitable, housing; these things concern me. We do such a poor job of looking after those that we have, that it is reckless to demand we have more people we can ignore, let starve, and die in misery. Or is it the Christian position to suggest, more humanity equals happy humanity? The statistics and reality, are against you. Every abortion is sad, a tragedy indeed. But to let that child be born, and then have eight years of pain and torture as a salt miner, or child prostitute is what exactly? God's plan? rvb8
EricMH: I don't know the origins either. I'm just saying it could have easily been done ethically. Given the long time frame I would suggest that it was done ethically. An abortion mill would turn out those numbers in less than a year. Latemarch
Hopefully none were murdered, but given the huge number of abortions in this country and that abortionists sell the bodies of the babies to researchers, I'm highly skeptical about the origins. EricMH
Wonder where all these human embryos came from?
Used to work in a busy Anatomic Pathology lab and would see 2-5 per week from miscarriage (Our hospital didn't do abortions). The hard part would be getting parents permission to keep it. Many parents took it and had it buried. But I could see how you might accumulate 50 to 100 per year in a busy hospital. I did notice that these were accumulated over 11 years. A labor of love. Latemarch
News - sorry, what are you referring to with "it's"? What is "all just development over time"? I'm afraid I can't understand what you're trying to say. Bob O'H
No, Bob O'H at 4, it's all just development over time, period. The reason "Evolution" was cordoned off was to give it the status of an article of naturalist religion. News
Think of it as our personal evolutionary history…
No, our personal developmental history. Bob O'H
No, it is a point of sad irony. EricMH
EricMH, if the resulting animal was a pig, we would describe them as 'pig embryos', the same for dolphins, mice, or monkeys etc. This is a point of concern for you? rvb8
Wonder where all these human embryos came from? Also, why are the embryos called human? I thought the fetus was not a human until it was born. EricMH

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