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Evolution Breakthrough: Enzymes Evolved “Very Early” in the Evolution of Life

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After a massive study of the evolution of enzymes—which as usual was really nothing more than a comparison of enzymes, with precisely zero explanation of how the amazing protein machines actually are supposed to have arisen all by themselves as evolutionists insist must be true—the evolutionists did what evolutionists always do, sweep the problem under the proverbial origin-of-life rug:  Read more

The evos loved Sidney Harris' cartoons, especially the one second from the bottom here, and one that would never pass peer review. http://www.sigmaxi.org/resources/merchandise/harris.descriptions.shtml When I saw first saw it, I interpreted it differently than most. The wording, "Then a miracle occurs" fits perfectly with the flippant hand waving regarding a purported evolutionary 'miracle', rather than a goddidit summation, as Harris envisioned. So I reworded it to more correctly convey something that a true scientist would write, and what would surely get nods. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/713/363x400miracle.jpg/ While this connotation is more in regards to flagellar evolution, you get the point. leebowman
Ritchie: Evolution is the only game in town... ToE is, simply, the only theory on the table. But what if the only theory on the table makes no sense (i.e., that chance and necessity produced highly functionally integrated information-processing machinery and the associated information, along with error-detection-and-repair algorithms and mechanisms, for which there is no evidence, and against which reason, observation, and evidence suggest that no such creative powers of the proposed Darwinian mechanism exist)? If a transparently nonsensical thesis is the only game in town, why play the game? Just admit that we do not know how design was implemented. But certainly don't deny that design exists, when evidence for it beats one over the head with a sledgehammer, everywhere one turns. GilDodgen

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