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Evolution For Dummies (in 750 words)

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As we saw in the previous post, the consensus position among evolutionists is that evolution is a fact, every bit as much as gravity, the round Earth and heliocentrism are facts. But the scientific evidence does not show evolution to be a fact, so what’s going on? For example, evolutionists refer to the fossil record, but the fossils reveal what species existed in the past, not how they got there. Minor adaptations in lineages are suggested in the fossils, but large-scale evolutionary change must be inferred to occur between different fossil species. In fact, the fossil record shows bursts of diversity and new forms appearing abruptly.  Read more

One Reply to “Evolution For Dummies (in 750 words)

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    Robert Byers says:

    yes but more importantly is the point hinted here that the fossil record is not in any way a biological record.
    Its only presumed to be so.
    In fact its just a record of what it is.
    Only geological ideas of time and placement invoke ideas that there was evolutionary progression.
    In studying fossils one is not investigation biological processes in any way.
    Its been a historic error in biology.
    Even if truly demonstrating evolution of creatures from this to that it still would not be biological evidence of have claim to be biological investigation.
    Fossilism is entirely non biological but instead its conclusions or data it gives is entirely geological evidence from which biological conclusions are drawn.
    Watch the logic here.
    whether proving evolution or proving against everyone is not doing biology.
    One can’t do biology on rocks.
    Darwin made this mistake too.

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