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He said it, so we didn’t have to: Telling a human from an ape

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What it Means to be 98% Chimpanzee: Apes, People, and their Genes

Physical anthropologist Jonathan Marks:

It is not that difficult to tell a human from an ape, after all. The human is the one walking, talking, sweating, praying, building, reading, trading, crying, dancing, writing, cooking, joking, working, decorating, shaving, driving a car, or playing football. Quite literally, from the top of our head (where the hair is continually growing, unlike gorillas) to the tips of our toes (the stoutest of which is non-opposable), one can tell the human part from the ape part quite readily if one knows what to look for. Our eye- whites, small canine teeth, evaporative heat loss, short arms and long legs, breasts, knees, and of course, our cognitive communication abilities and the productive anatomies of our tongue and throat are all dead giveaways. However, they are not readily apparent in a genetic comparison.

J. Marks, “What is the Viewpoint of Hemoglobin, and Does It Matter?” History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 31 (2009):241-262; p. 246, also author of What does it mean to be 98% chimpanzee?

Note: We fully expect to hear shortly from grant recipients that chimpanzees hold art shows at their churches, to raise money for wild ape relief.

Yes these details make us different but once again creationists are wrong to seek differences in apes relative to us. We do have the ape body. The ape body is just a bear body. We are made in gOds image, our soul, but our body is of the very common type in nature. We all not only have hearts, butts, arms, eyes but in the same places working the same way. People's bodies are just part of a common model. Our bodies do not and never needed to show our special and specially created beings from Adam and Eve. A wrong line of reasoning. One seeks in vain to see our bodies as so different from apes as to be proof we are not related to apes. We are not but not because of anatomical results. We have differences but they are few relative to the whole thing. its our soul placed into nature that is the equation. No it doesn't mean we are related to apes. Robert Byers
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Here's a critique of the press release that I read last week. Twisted tree of Life Award #13: Press release from U. Oslo on new protozoan http://phylogenomics.blogspot.com/2012/04/twisted-tree-of-life-award-13-press.html But really, anyone deigning to declare false the central organizing theory of mainstream biology ought to be able recognize bunkum like that press release, and offer the corrections -- rather than adding even worse mistakes and misinterpretations like the OP did. NickMatzke_UD
Has no one at UD noticed that Dembski posted a two part article on BioLogos and Falk is responding? http://biologos.org/blog/southern-baptist-voices-is-darwinism-theologically-neutral tragic mishap

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