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Evolution Just Took Another Hit—Right Where it Counts

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Evolution is all about reproduction—those that reproduce the most are the winners. And if you were paying attention in biology class you will remember that nature has many different types of reproduction designs. These reproduction subsystems, according to evolution, should align with the other biological subsystems to form a consistent evolutionary tree. This consistency is, evolutionists say, a powerful confirmation of their idea. Except when it isn’t. Now a tiny lizard from Africa has been found to have a reproduction subsystem that is unique and remarkably similar to that of humans.  Read more

Interesting admission by Richie, for his acolytes who evidently see him in the 'first eleven': From Ephraim Hardcastle's column in today's Daily Mail: "World famous atheist Richard dawkins tells BBC Four's Beautiful Minds series that he was not considered clever enough for Oxford's Balliol College, alma mater of his father and grandfather. But his master at Oundle School got him in with special tutoring. Isn't it amusing that below par Dawkins, a devotee of 'survival of the fittest' evolutionary expert, Charles Darwin, only got into Balliol after being prepared by a private tutor?" If his tutor is still alive, should we not place at least a little more confidence in his view of the Last Things - which is really Richie's specialism. Axel
So there's some feature of the environment that just seems to be pushing hard for a placenta? I mean, if you get convergence that is so recognizeable, then why is the "selection pressure" so obsure and hazy? John D
The abstract says that this species *evolved* this feature, and that its an example of convergence. How is this paper a "hit" to evolution? Metalogic42

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