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Evolution Professor: Origin of Life “Not Impossible”


It’s not that speculation about flexible, cartoon hypotheses that are religiously motivated, supposed to have occurred long ago and are not falsifiable is wrong. But we shouldn’t confuse it with science. To wit, evolutionist Christoph Adami’s latest work skips those annoying scientific details and instead takes a high-level view of the origin of life:  Read more

It is not just the origin of self-replicating living organisms that stumps materialists. Matter itself is a huge mystery and it existed before living organisms (sorry Mung, I don't think that life is primary but it could be just another chicken and egg thing). For example, where did so many electrons, protons and other particles come from? Why are they identical? By what process did they replicate in such extremely huge numbers? Materialists and Darwinists have no answers. They are as clueless as the man in the street. Heck, the man in the street probably has a leg up on them. Mapou
My reply to Jeffrey Shallit on Dr. Hunter's site. (Comment didn't show for some reason, but maybe it will pop out of moderation soon): "Let's see: "But if you adjust the distribution of monomers in the environment to match the distribution within a potential self-replicator, the chances improve by many orders of magnitude." This is not novel thinking. It addresses one problem -- and only one of the very many problems -- with abiogenesis, namely having the monomers in the right proportion. And it addresses it by showing that it could realistically occur? Nope. By assuming it. More importantly, it doesn't address any of the other numerous and well-documented issues with the naturalistic scenario. And by the way, Dr. Shallit, can you point us to a "self-replicating molecule"? Such an entity seems to exist only in the minds of abiogenesis proponents. Could such a thing exist in theory? Perhaps. But no-one seems to be able to point to a live example. The fact that Adami publishes in respected venues and so forth doesn't gall anyone. Your silly, juvenile retort fails to respond to any of the issues that Dr. Hunter rightly highlights. It's funny, though, to see how allergic believers in magical particle collisions are to genuine science." Eric Anderson
It seems to me that there is still a very large gap between "this molecule can be replicated" and "this entity is alive." IMO, the origin of life is impossible. Life comes only from life. The huge mystery is really all that stuff out there that is not alive. How do you get non-life from life? They are exploring the entire question backwards! Mung
It is good that Adami wants to,,,
"study the origin of life purely in terms of information theory, so he could ignore the chemistry involved"
,,,as daunting as the chemistry involved is,,
Experts pan quantum mechanical replication of Miller-Urey experiment - Sept. 19, 2014 https://uncommondescent.com/intelligent-design/experts-pan-quantum-mechanical-replication-of-miller-urey-experiment/#comment-515212
,, since Adami focusing on the origin of life issue 'purely in terms of information theory' casts the issue in stark relief, and highlights why the issue will NEVER be explained in 'bottom up' materialistic, neo-Darwinian, terms. Adami, and other materialists/atheists, believe that information is 'emergent' from a material basis, but that simply is not so. Information is its own unique entity that is not reducible to a material basis. In fact, finding 'non local', beyond space and time, quantum information/entanglement in molecular biology on a massive scale, (in every DNA and protein molecule), directly falsifies neo-Darwinian claims that information is 'emergent' from a material basis,,,
,,,further evidence from physics that undermines any materialistic claim for explaining the information we find in life,,, https://uncommondescent.com/intelligent-design/early-earth-less-hellish-than-previously-thought/#comment-515182
Thus, much contrary to what Adami imagines to be true, ignoring chemistry and simplifying the problem of the origin of life to 'information theory' actually makes it much easier for an ID proponent to falsify materialistic claims as to the origin of life (or anything else). i.e. To show the claims to be 'impossible'! Verse and Music
John 1:1-4 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life, and that life was the Light of men. Kutless: Promise of a Lifetime - Live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wgA93WQWKE
Meteors "contaminate" Earth on a daily basis. Been that way every day ever since the first days. That is an awful lot of meteorite cooties. ppolish

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