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Evolution Professor: We Evolved to be More Complex

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We recently saw how evolutionists are elaborating on what they view as an evolutionary arms race within our genome. Rival elements battle it out as transposable elements invade and repressors seek to shut them down. The transposable elements are “continually evolving to escape repression,” while the repressors adjust and find new ways to defeat the transposable elements. It is “a never-ending race”according to one evolutionist. The backstory here is the on-going historical feud between those who view nature as perfect and those who view nature as evil. In the eighteenth century, for instance, the English natural theologians presented a decidedly optimistic, rosy version of the world, to which Hume responded that “A perpetual war is kindled amongst all living creatures,” and that nature is so arranged so as “to embitter the life of every living being.” So who is right? The answer, of course, is that both are right. Nature is both wonderful and dangerous at the same time. As usual the heresy is not in recognizing these obvious truths, but in emphasizing and dwelling on one side of the spectrum, to the exclusion of the other. Creation and Scripture—general revelation and special revelation—are studies in contrast. Science requires recognizing both sides of the contrast, and keeping them both in view together. Show me a cult, either religious or scientific, and I’ll show you people who are fixated on one end of a spectrum. The result is a lopsided theory that makes no sense.  Read more

What about racing hormones!? Mung
Excellent, Querius! We had an evolutionary foot-race also. But for some reason we have a racing-heart at times but we haven't evolved another one of those yet. Silver Asiatic
You win the thread, Querius. :D sagebrush gardener
I never before truly understood what was meant by an arms race. Now I do. Thanks Querius! Mung
A case in point must be bilateral symmetry: if I evolved an arm on one side, the other side, to keep up in the arms race, evolved one too! Stunning, isn't it! ;-) -Q Querius
When does serendipity cease to be serendipitous? Mung

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