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Evolutionists Are Celebrating a New Chimp-Human Study That Actually Just Presents More Problems


Remember how nearly-identical chimpanzee-human genes were celebrated as yet another proof of evolution? There was only one problem: it didn’t make sense because the genes were too similar. The minor differences were probably not enough to produce species as different as the chimp and human and, as I explained in my bookDarwin’s Proof, there must be more significant differences to be found between the two primates. And indeed such differences were discovered. One was that even those highly similar genes were often transcribed at very different levels in the two species. This, evolutionists reasoned, must have been a driver in the primate evolution that led to such different species. What evolutionists did not realize was that, once again, they had violated Occam’s Razor by adding yet more serendipity to their theory. With evolution we were to believe that essentially all the genes needed to make humans evolved first and then later the quantities were adjusted to evolve homo sapiens. Imagine an inventor who just luckily builds all the parts of a Boeing 747 but not in the right quantities. He has only one wing, three rudders, a dozen jet engines, and so forth. Then he realizes how well the parts work together if he merely adjusts the quantities a bit. Now a new study shows another problem with evolution’s just-so story of human evolution.  Read more

The thread host makes a good point about how DNA with chimps should be greater in some ways if we are evolved from a common parent at some point. its a funny thing but creationist, YEC, would rather find closer dNA likeness with primates then evolutionists. Since we would see people as having the same bodies as primates though not biologically related. jUst the same creator giving us the best bode on earth for fun and profit. Funny thing. Robert Byers
Various patterns were observed and the evolutionists now reason that protein expression levels evolve under greater evolutionary constraint than gene transcription, via some unknown or unidentified mechanism.
Bye Bye Neo-Darwinism. And good riddance. Mung

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