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Evolutionists Solve Eye Evolution (Again)


Recently we discussed a paperfrom 2008 in which evolutionists claimed to have solved the long-standing question of how the eye evolved. It is a problem that famously once made Darwin shudder but the evolutionists claimed that now, with our advanced scientific knowledge, “the gap in understanding of the molecular evolution of eye components is all but closed.” That was quite a claim and, not surprisingly, there was no such breakthrough. In fact, the “explanation” that the evolutionists provided was simply that the key cellular signal transduction pathway in our eyes came from a very similar pathway in yeast that senses certain types of signaling chemicals known as pheromones. The evolutionists had no explanation for how the yeast pathway arose in the first place or exactly how it could morph into the animal vision system. It was yet another example of evolution’s trivial, non scientific, solutions that do nothing but generate vacuous headlines. Well evolutionists have done it again. This month they “solved” the problem of eye evolution yet again. Apparently that 2008 solution didn’t take, but this new solution is no better.  Read more

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tjguy That's funny! That is what I read so much. Those words and concepts. Especially number four. Robert Byers
What else can we add to this list?
Evolutiondidit. Mung
These are some of the most common phrases found in evolutionist papers: 1) more complex than expected 2) earlier than expected 3) stasis: unchanged over millions of years 4) surprisingly similar to what we see today 5) convergence What else can we add to this list? tjguy
Its interesting how the complexity of the eye is truly seen be everyone as needing explanation. Its not just darwin looking for relief. AHA it bugs them. they just won't admit it. Our eyes seem to be like dinosaur eyes so indeed THEY must admit we all have "living fossil" eye mechanisms. It seems in the longest time there has been no improvement on eyesight ideas in nature. By their reckoning. If I was the creator I would of just made one type or eyesight mechanism. Only a extreme difference would justfy a different type of eye. Whoops! that's the way it is now! I bet most people don't realize most of nature has our type of eye.!! Evolutiuonists should be the ones saying eyesight is so complex there was not much options to do the great deed of turning the universe into nerve points to get it reorganized into our heads and allow us to see things as they are. Eyesight is a big deal in complexity. Thats why they can't fix it. Too complicated. Evolutionism should be dreaming of just one more tyupe of eyekind being discovered in just one species somewhere to prove eyesight is from mutationism. Otherwise they must say all eyes of all biology were here in the most raw and basic beginnings of creatures. Perhaps afterall the eyes are the windows to the errors of evolutionary biology investigation competence. Robert Byers
This, along with 'Missing Link Found' must be the most common headline in reporting evolution. I wonder if they've ever heard of the boy who cried wolf. djockovic
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Eye Evolution-It's Impossible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRDAY39Zd9M http://www.evillusion.net/ melvinvines
Well, humans do have two eyes you know, so obviously the eye evolved twice. Mung
Here's the paper Dr. Hunter: Somatic copy number mosaicism in human skin revealed by induced pluripotent stem cells http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nature11629.html and here is a write up on the study with a bit more detail: Skin cells reveal DNA's genetic mosaic Excerpt: While observing that the genome of iPS cells closely resembles the genome of skin cells from which they originated, the team could identify several deletions or duplications involving thousands of base pairs of DNA. The team then performed additional experiments to understand the origin of those differences, and showed that at least half of them pre-existed in small fractions of skin cells. These differences were revealed in iPS cells because each iPS line is derived from one, or very few, skin cells. Vaccarino said these iPS lines could act as a magnifying glass to see the mosaic of genomic differences in the body's cells. "In the skin, this mosaicism is extensive and at least 30 percent of skin cells harbor different deletion or duplication of DNA, each found in a small percentage of cells," said Vaccarino. "The observation of somatic mosaicism has far-reaching consequences for genetic analyses, which currently use only blood samples. When we look at the blood DNA, it's not exactly reflecting the DNA of other tissues such as the brain. There could be mutations that we're missing." http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-11/yu-scr111512.php bornagain77
OT: This recent article may be very interesting for you to take a closer look at Dr. Hunter: (Another day, another bad day for the central dogma of neo-Darwinism)
DNA not identical in every cell in human body. Sometimes not even especially close. - Denyse O'Leary (18-Nov 2012): Excerpt: The prevailing wisdom has been that every cell in the body contains identical DNA. However, a new study of stem cells derived from the skin has found that genetic variations are widespread in the body’s tissues, a finding with profound implications for genetic screening, according to Yale School of Medicine researchers. Published in the Nov. 18 issue of Nature, the study paves the way for assessing the extent of gene variation, and for better understanding human development and disease. “We found that humans are made up of a mosaic of cells with different genomes,” said lead author Flora Vaccarino, M.D., the Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center. “We saw that 30 percent of skin cells harbor copy number variations (CNV), which are segments of DNA that are deleted or duplicated. Previously it was assumed that these variations only occurred in cases of disease, such as cancer. The mosaic that we’ve seen in the skin could also be found in the blood, in the brain, and in other parts of the human body.” http://www.thebestschools.org/bestschoolsblog/2012/11/19/science-reset-dna-identical-cell-human-body-close/

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