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Evolutionists Think This Incredible Design is “Simple”

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The cell synthesizes proteins by first storing an astronomically unlikely sequence of nucleotides in the DNA gene which codes for the protein. Like a sentence from a Shakespeare play, the nucleotide sequence produces a beautiful result. The first step is to unwind, open, read and copy the gene in a process known as transcriptionwhich requires a small army of proteins. The copy, or transcript, is called messenger RNA and after some editing it is passed to the ribosome where the genetic code is used to construct the protein, one amino acid at a time, based on the messenger RNA nucleotide sequence. This process is known as translation. Next the newly synthesized train of amino acids neatly folds into a protein, often with the help of other proteins.  Read more

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    bornagain77 says:

    Here are some related videos highlighting a little of the complexity that the neo-Darwinists have so nonchalantly tossed off as simple:

    Journey Inside The Cell – Stephen Meyer

    Ribosome Translation High Quality – video

    Kinesin Linear Motor – Video

    The inner life of a cell – Harvard University – video

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    bornagain77 says:

    This may interest you Dr. Hunter,

    New type of extra-chromosomal DNA discovered
    Excerpt: A team of scientists from the University of Virginia and University of North Carolina in the US have discovered a previously unidentified type of small circular DNA molecule occurring outside the chromosomes in mouse and human cells. The circular DNA is 200-400 base pairs in length and consists of non-repeating sequences. ,, The team also compared the circular DNA to the linear DNA originally digested away, and they were able to match the microDNA with micro-deletions on the linear DNA.

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