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Excellent readers, for once, your opinion on intelligent design is wanted for a research project …

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Joel Verwegen, a University of Toronto psychology and biology student, hopes that regular Post-Darwinist and Uncommon Descent readers will respond to his invitation to view a PBS debate on the subject and answer a questionnaire. (The debate link is in the q-aire.)

He tells me,

a) This is a social cognition study for the ID-evolution community.

d) Though no personal information will be collected or released, should individuals wish to insure anonymity, I will be accepting submissions from anonymous email services.

b) The study involves viewing a short debate and completing a questionnaire.

c) Time requirements are ~30 minutes.

He assures me that no attempt will be made to shrink wrap your head. So do oblige him if you possibly can, will you? If you wish to contact Joel, you may find him here:

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2 Replies to “Excellent readers, for once, your opinion on intelligent design is wanted for a research project …

  1. 1
    bFast says:

    I love the “fish swap genes” link. It appears that our old friend horizontal gene transfer is an even more powerful force than we thought.

    I’m a bit puzzled, however. How does HGT know which genes to swap? Fish have somewhere in the order of 15,000 to 20,000 genes, I’m sure.

    For every successful gene swap, we should be seeing 15,000 to 20,000 failed attempts as HGT tried swapping all of those other genes around.

    Further, if HGT is a random process, I see no reason why HGT would choose genes in the first place, it should just choose random segments of DNA. Now we should be seeing HGT putting scrambled data all over the place.

    Of course we know that if our civilization dissappears, if all of our libraries of knowledge dissappear, and another civilization pops up, it will see our genetic engineering as HGT. However, HGT could not possibly be evidence of intelligent agency. That just wouldn’t fit the model.

    BTW, I hear that a recent paper claimed that the human variant of HAR1F was the product of a lucky HGT event also.


  2. 2
    F2XL says:

    Wow, they finally give a rip about what we have to say. 😯

    Apocalypse now.

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