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Exploring the Shut Up culture

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Further to “You’ve heard it: “The Debate’s Over” (= we’ve lost, so no we are using force) and “it’s okay to lie for science,” (= truth won’t help us, so we lie): Here, at the venerable Atlantic Jon Lovett explores the culture of Shut Up:

The bottom line is, you don’t beat an idea by beating a person. You beat an idea by beating an idea. Not only is it counter-productive—nobody likes the kid who complains to the teacher even when the kid is right—it replaces a competition of arguments with a competition to delegitimize arguments. And what’s left is the pressure to sand down the corners of your speech while looking for the rough edges in the speech of your adversaries. Everyone is offended. Everyone is offensive. Nothing is close to the line because close to the line is over the line because over the line is better for clicks and retweets and fundraising and ad revenue.

It’s like a financial bubble. It’s a bubble of subprime outrage and subprime apologies. I just hope we can rationalize the market before this chilling effect leaves us with a discourse more boring and monotone than it already is—a discourse that suits the cable networks and the politicians but not the many disparate voices who occasionally need to say outrageous things because there are outrageous things to say.

This sort of outburst will not have the slightest effect, of course. High culture is firmly in the hands of people who believe that our brains are shaped for fitness, not for truth, and fitness is the doctrine of those who can get people fined, fired, or jailed.

No one cares whether Lovett approves or not, as long as he shuts up if he disagrees (wonder if he’ll ever disagree about anything that really matters?).

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Its a demand of courage for good guys to speak truth as far as they damc well choose. its a modern liberal oppressive establishment, unrelated to the demographics of North america that trys and succeeds in silencing truth or error as they see fit. Who is the master in a free nation(s). They are punishing people and people are accepting punishment. I think it follows the massive immigration and interference since WW11 of foreign/ethnic peoples. its not the the real Canadians and Americans. Anyways one just needs to become better lawyers and fighters in demanding the truth and mechanisms of freedom to gain the truth even if there is some untruth or unwelcome things also. The establishment built a monster, frankenstein, and even they get smacked upside the head. Origin issues are just in a spectrum of rebellious conclusions that are being attacked for just being expressed and promoted. Bring it on. The whole empire could fall from us bugs in the matrix. Robert Byers
cool study Andre! :) But Whom shall the materialists/atheists be grateful to? Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM&feature=kp bornagain77
Denyse Sligtly off topic, yet fits in with this post...... I hope you'll enjoy this one :). It put a smile on my dial today when this landed on my desk. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191886914001019 Andre

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