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Eyes have it all: Unique solution to vision problem


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The brittlestar’s skeleton is one big eye.

From Nature:

A relative of the starfish and sea urchin has turned its skeleton into an all-seeing eye. Near-perfect microscopic lenses in brittlestars’ bones are more sophisticated than anything humans can produce, say engineers keen to copy the trick.

Tiny crystal balls do the trick. Did we mention that the brittlestar has no brain?

But then there’s this:

The crystals’ growth must be self-organized – emerging from the right chemical environment rather than being engineered by detailed top-down control. “It’s starting with a soup of chemicals and pulling out this wonderful microstructure,” says Sambles, who fantasizes about emulating the process “in a bucket in a corner of the lab”.

Better check that bucket frequently then.

This is a brittlestar. Not said to be “brittlestar Ophiocoma wendtii,” the one studied, but something like it, to look at.

Very unlikely these eye things evolved eh. I have been watching in Canada on TVO a series on the brain and its suggested that all we look at is recorded in our memory. I like this idea as a creationist as YEC must believe in the soul. Therefore the soul must WATCH inside our head. it suggests that eyesight is simply US watching our memory of vision promptings. this is why, perhaps, thee is little trouble inside our head that affects our sight. its all outside the skull and in the eye itself. likewise optical illusions and magic tricks show we are really just watching a recording. Very quick but a sevond late or so. There might be a hope for healing eyesight on this line of reasoning. perhaps get around the eye ball. All this from a rejection we are a brain. if a soul it makes sense we are just watching a practical machine and this is the memory. Likewise dreams i think suggest this. THE ID discovery webpage touches on this too in some way. Robert Byers

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