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Finchs’ Mutation Paste Gets Results

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Modern chemistry has allowed accelerated evolution through mutation paste. The product, patented last year by Finch Foods Inc. of Boise, Idaho, is a potato based food supplement marketed under the brand name Finch’s Mutation Paste. The effects of the mutation paste have been widespread and immediate. The Evolution News Network (ENN) at The BRITES has collected three remarkable stories about results of mutation paste use. Details are reported at TheBRITES.org.

Ask your doctor if FMP is right for you (may cause nausea, dizziness, birth defects, extinction, and punctuated equilibrium). russ
We have attempted several experiments with this stuff. The most promising results have occured in my experimental group. My control and experimental groups are comprised of Mus musculus. Despite immediate deaths in my experimental group, I have noticed one of the animals has had his conciousness raised. I prefer to refer to him as Algernon. My research group is submitting our work to be peer reviewed, but instead of waiting we have already started human trials. One participant in particular ("Charlie") looks very promising. However, we are quite troubled by his love for peanut butter. bork
I used some of that stuff. Said on the bottle that it would grow me a pair of wings. All it did was grow me a cancerous Siamese twin. RIP OFF!!! :-P crandaddy
Mutation paste makes more sense than some of the ND stuff I've read! Reading "Galapagos" I've got a serious request... Is there a "nice little book" that properly describes all the exciting/unusual things to be seen in Galapagos? Got a trip planned, and would like to have a little mini-reference in my pocket. eebrom
Will this paste evolve my pet tortoise into a real-life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Or his offspring, maybe? mattghg
Galapagos: I'm glad you're back from your Pacific Rim lecture tour doing something constructive. William Dembski
Happy Evolution Day to everyone! (April 1st) Mats
this is a joke right? sfg

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