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Fired Google engineer got his ideas from… evolutionary psychology

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In a coherent system, that would be a dilemma.

As progressives turn and rend each other with increasing ferocity—as a break from attacking others— we learn that the engineer who was fired from Google for authoring the anti-diversity memo was relying on the principles of evolutionary psychology. From Nitasha Tiku at Wired:

The 10-page missive was posted on an internal discussion board and went viral inside, and outside, the company Friday and Saturday. The document cited purported principles of evolutionary psychology to argue that women make up only 20 percent of Google’s technical staff because they are more interested in people rather than ideas, which the author considers an obstacle to being a good engineer. The author, James Damore, said Google’s liberal leanings and emphasis on training around “unconscious bias” have created an ideological echo chamber that make it difficult to discuss these issues openly inside the company.

Late Monday, Damore told Breitbart that he had been fired. (He confirmed this to WIRED, saying he was “fired for ‘perpetuating gender stereotypes.'”) Also Monday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees that the missive’s author had violated the company’s Code of Conduct, a Google spokesman confirms. More.

A friend asks us to note that the conclusions of evo psych are called “purported” in this account. possibly because We Mustn’t Accept Them. Any conclusions that are actually in line with progressive thought, no matter how counterfactual, are of course treated as Science.

Yes, it is classic Orwell indeed: The Google execs probably all believe in evolutionary psychology, as they believe in Darwin. But they must ruthlessly sacrifice a colleague who acts on the belief system.

Most traditions honour their martyrs. But come to think of it, a Darwinian tradition would act in precisely in this way, wouldn’t it? Perhaps an evo psych prof can get a paper out of it all, drowning the incoherence in jargon.

This story underlines a general direction in science: Ideology matters and evidence that might conflict with ideology is the enemy.

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How naturalism rots science from the head down

I feel sorry for him. He is no conservative otherwise he would never have been hired at Google. He honestly put up ideas he first heard of when he entered Uni. It's a puzzle, he thought, why the disproportion? We know that men and women are different, could part of the bias be down to something innate in women? Google is brilliant, he thought, progressive, diverse, but there it is, there must be some factor we haven't covered in full. He wasn't sacked for any other reason but that the personnel department are as confused as he is, they don't know either, BUT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW. Damone was He Who Must Die. Do you think the kid who said the emperor was naked got a medal? He probably got a right crack on the head, or a kick. Belfast
Well he was right that it made it difficult to discuss these issues openly inside the company. aarceng
john_a_designer @7: He didn't lose his job for having politically incorrect thoughts. He lost it for agitating and pissing off the work-force, which at Google is mostly young and heavy left-leaning. Google does not need its work-force to be pissed, it needs them happy and productive. It is nothing personal, just business. Eugene
Have you seen the reporting on this? The main MSM outlets have Damore labeled as a sexist. Is he? If you read what he actually wrote, the answer is no. If you try to psychoanalyze his thinking and motives from a far left ideological perspective you end up condemning the man for having politically incorrect thoughts. For that he loses his job. Alexandra Desanctis of NRO has a brief summary of some very biased and inaccurate reporting in the MSM which is very worth reading.
CNN classified the memo as an “anti-diversity manifesto” and tweeted, incorrectly, that it “argues women aren’t suited for tech jobs.” Such an argument didn’t appear once in the memo… The New York Times wrote an article entitled “Google Fires Engineer Who Wrote Memo Questioning Women in Tech,” and the AP’s first report on the memo called it “sexist” and took Damore’s remarks out of context to make them appear biased against women. Whether out of sloppiness or maliciousness, these outlets have misreported Damore’s central argument about women in the workplace and repeatedly labeled him “sexist” as a result. If you read the memo itself — in its original form, with all the supporting evidence Damore included — a very different story emerges. Damore writes, for example, that, “Differences in distributions of traits between men and women may in part explain why we don’t have 50% representation.” (Emphasis added.) This is not “questioning women” or exhibiting a desire to expel women from the tech industry. Damore, unlike most proponents of diversity, acknowledges the biological and natural fact that men and women are different in substantive ways that necessarily affect their workplace experiences and choices.
Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450278/google-engineer-diversity-memo-misrepresented-mainstream-media john_a_designer
News @ 4: "There is no point at which the progressive can stop because his war is with reality." Brilliant. Truth Will Set You Free
Well put News. If there is a natural law with immutable boundaries, then an unquestioning commitment to demolishing boundaries will result in ever more violent smashing against the wall until the smashers smash themselves. “Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit. Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed.” Matthew 21:43-44 EricMH
My view: Progressivism usually ends in mass murder: Most societies reach an equilibrium because they seek accommodation with human nature. Progressivism seeks to transform human nature and thus becomes progressively more violent as its failures mount. For example, after progressives have enforced gender-free pronouns, for example, they will surely turn on gendered nouns like brother, sister, aunt, uncle. Penalties for thinking, speaking, or living in a normal way will become more severe. And the brainwashing that we are forced to pay for will become ever more intense. And the usual righteous ninnies will be defending things they do not have the character or brains to despise. Surrendering will change nothing. Alas, people think we can meet progressives halfway, but we cannot. There is no point at which the progressive can stop because his war is with reality. - News News
The most intolerant people on the planet...so-called progressives. Truth Will Set You Free
2. The diversity seems to be in the variety of bobbleheads, not of ideas. But what would we expect, really, from progressives? See also: ‘Dangerous’: Milo Yiannopoulos delights to provoke: The book by the gay conservative provocateur is not nearly as Dangerous as the social media world he exposes. News
I think he got fired for exposing their lack of diversity. Mung

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