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DBH on the New Atheists’ Irrationality

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[The New Atheists’ assertion that they do not believe in God, defined as the infinite actuality that grounds all being] is the embrace of an infinite paradox: the universe understood as an “absolute contingency.” It may not amount to a metaphysics in the fullest sense, since strictly speaking it possesses no rational content—it is, after all, a belief that all things rest upon something like an original moment of magic—but it is certainly far more than the mere absence of faith.

According to Hart,
Beliefs regarding fairies concern a certain kind of object that may or may not exist within the world, and such beliefs have much the same sort of intentional and rational shape as beliefs regarding the neighbors over the hill or whether there are such things as black swans. Beliefs regarding God concern the source and end of all reality, the unity and existence of every particular thing and of the totality of all things, the ground of the possibility of anything at all.
Everything we see and know about anything about the world, or in or of the world, is contingent. That is, it depends on something else for its existence. This includes the universe as a whole which appears, according to the scientific evidence, to have had a beginning, as well as, the laws and constants of nature. Atheists reveal this to be true about the latter whenever they appeal to the fallacious idea of a “multiverse” (for which they have absolutely NO EVIDENCE.) In invoking the multiverse they are conceding that the laws and constants of nature could be different. In other words, they are contingent-- or not necessary. Only something that exists necessarily can be a sufficient explanation for our (or anything else’s) existence. If anything exists something else must exist which explains its existence unless it is something which exists necessarily. That’s a logically irrefutable premise that the atheists cannot refute. john_a_designer
rvb8 @ 3
You of course don’t lie because God will punish you. So, is it the Christian Protestant God you are alluding to as the Designer?
Your understanding of a Christian Protestant God is as abysmal as your arguments for evolution. The Christian Protestant God won't be punishing His children for lying -- because He has already paid the required price for all of mankind's sin. He may, however, discipline His children for lying in order to help them become what He created them to be, just as any loving Father would do. Everyone else will incur His punishment (i.e. wrath) for refusing to accept the pardon freely offered to them in the Gospel of Grace. It's all right there in the New Testament of the Bible. Read it some time through eyes of faith. awstar
rvb8 @ 3: I don't agree that a/mats are "very open" to any evidence supporting the existence of a Supreme Being. I see mostly debunkers (and haters?), not open-minded seekers unconvinced by the evidence. A true open-minded a/mat would quickly revert to agnosticism, which is the more intelligent position. My use of the word God was merely as a catch-all term for a Supreme Being or Mind. As you stated, ID does not identify the Designer. There are many different faiths within the ID movement. I personally believe in the Christian God, but ID had very little, if anything, to do with my commitment to that faith. As for lying, I try to avoid it as well, not out of fear of punishment but out of love for my Savior. Truth Will Set You Free
TWSYF @2 ‘Closed minded on the topic of God’? Not really, atheists are very open to any evidence you may present which supports the existance of a supreme being. One point however. If ID does not discuss or promote a specific Designer, why are you talking explicitly about God? Further, is it the Christian God? Further, is it the Protestant Christian God? Lying is of course a sin. As an atheist I try to avoid lying as it has a very negative correlation to sexual success. You of course don't lie because God will punish you. So, is it the Christian Protestant God you are alluding to as the Designer? rvb8
WJM @ 1: "I doubt many atheists will be willing to admit that their professed “lack of belief” in God is itself an enormous metaphysical commitment..." Agreed. I find a/mats to be very closed minded on the topic of God, generally speaking, as if they already know enough to make such a categorical denial. Truth Will Set You Free
Great article - one every atheist intending on making any kind of argument about God should read and understand beforehand. I doubt many atheists will be willing to admit that their professed "lack of belief" in God is itself an enormous metaphysical commitment which, if properly and rationally understood, requires much broader and deeper thought than the idiotic "I just believe in one less god than you" nonsense they often spout. Without God, they are left with a world and a brain that is completely irrational because "rationality" - under atheism - is an illusion generated by the happenstance collision of molecules. And so their argument is lost before it even begins because of their single, not-so-innocent "lack of a belief". One might as well say they simply lack a belief in an external reality while claiming every other normal and rational belief remains the same as anyone else. Or, one might as well think they can take the supportive stand off of a large, intricate model and say "I have the same model as you, only with one less piece". No, if you remove that piece, the entire model comes crashing down. Atheists point to the fact that they can behave as if the rest of the model is intact after removing that one piece in an attempt to demonstrate that the piece in question isn't necessary for the model to remain viable. The fact is that they haven't actually removed the piece at all, they simply imagine it is gone. To actually remove the piece they would have to sort out the effects of actually removing the piece and the effect it has on every other piece it supports. Imagining there is no God and living as if there is actually no God are two entirely different things. Living as if there is no God is something most atheists cannot do, and would not ever do. They give lip service to the intellectual idea that there is no God, but they don't even understand what that idea actually means. William J Murray

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