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    johnnyb says:

    Thankfully, I go to a church that does *not* celebrate “evolution sunday”. However, I can see a legitimate “evolution sunday” event for a church which invited speakers for an open inquiry. But for the simple celebration of Darwin as if belief in evolution is somehow integral to the faith, I find the idea disturbing.

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    Blue_Savannah says:

    His ‘theory’ is a joke. The only reason it’s not funny is because so many closed-minded people still adhere to it. The taliban would LOVE to have that kind of faith.

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    Gregory says:

    In one of the free NRC books listed, In the Light of Evolution: Vol. IV – The Human Condition, Chapter 13 – “The Cognitive Niche: Coevolution of Intelligence, Sociality, and Language” (2010) by Steven Pinker starts as follows:

    “Although Darwin insisted that human intelligence could be fully explained by the theory of evolution, the codiscoverer of natural selection, Alfred Russel Wallace, claimed that abstract intelligence was of no use to ancestral humans and could only be explained by intelligent design.”

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