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Fri Nite Frite: One way to avoid moralizing space aliens, courtesy Freeman Dyson

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Further to (The biggest frite of all: Moralizing space aliensFreeman Dyson had the right idea:

“The main point,” Dyson told LiveScience, “is looking for aliens who don’t want to communicate. My question was, ‘How do you look for silent aliens?’ They have to radiate away their waste heat. The only way to do that is to radiate lots of infrared radiation.”

Well, if they are not trying to communicate, we can be fairly sure they are not trying to take over, let alone sell something, promote a religion, or … waste us for our environment sins.

Kathy Shaidle

Canada’s Five Feet of Fury (“Death to extremists!”) blogger, Kathy Shaidle, wrote again, offering more thoughts on the aliens who do eventually show up here to make us Start Living Right:

See Star Trek: The Voyage Home. Just like The Day the Earth Stood Still, the enlightened progressive message is, er: “Stop making war or we’ll make war on you.”

Hmmm. It ended up as Cracked’s #2 of “5 Movies That Sent the Opposite of Their Intended Message”:

Why? Because its message comes out as less “save the whales” and more “let’s allow genocidal aliens to tell us what to do.”

That said,

The Voyage Home has many delightful moments (because all the even numbered Star Trek movies are the good ones) but the overall message is toxic.

One video critic notes:

My series of reviews looking back at the Star Trek film series pauses to consider one of the fun but also most politically strident episode in the franchise, 1986’s environmentalist time travel romp, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Sleep rite. (Or else!)

Hat tip re silent space aliens: Matthew Cochrane


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