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Science prof’s YouTube banned? Because science has become a government


From David Klinghoffer at ENST:

Cardiff University philosopher Orestis Palermos was at the center of a stir last week for a claim he made, in an online lecture, that evolutionary biology is as much of a pseudoscience as creationism, because it relies very heavily on ad hoc explanations for data after they have been discovered, rather than making bold universal predictions beforehand that hold up. Critics have been saying this for decades, and it’s encouraging to know that others can see it too.

When this happens it is always entertaining to watch the consternation of our fundamentalist Darwinist friends. In response they have, of course, flexed their muscles to shut him up, or at least hide the intro video. It has also been taken down from YouTube. That really demonstrates how evolutionism is sustained by cultural pressure, not by open debate. They say it is incontrovertible science, but why would a science need to be protected by censors and inquisitors?More.

Any time a human enterprise becomes a government, lies follow.

See also: Coursera vid by “Darwinism is wrong” prof banned from YouTube

I've been using Brave (ad-block, HTTPS everywhere) for about 6 months. Very buggy at first, but now working quite well. Brave is trying a new way of supporting websites. With ad-block, good websites have difficulty making money. So Brave users distribute BAT (basic attention tokens) to the websites they visit. UD is probably getting some BAT from me for visiting. BAT is a cryptocurrency that can be bought and sold and used for on-line services. juwilker
Here is a cool YouTube video that was just uploaded:
A Critique of Bohmian Mechanics (Pilot-wave theory) - inspiringphilosophy - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn2hoU4jaQQ
I'm using Opera on my home machine but I'm not sure how strong its privacy and ad-blocking functions are. Seversky
Nonlin, I use Brave only sporadically because it is a work in progress, as tribune said. I use Firefox with an ad blocker most of time. Bing has improved quite a bit, but thanks for the tip on DuckDuck. I'll try it out. bb
Sev, Brave is a work in progress but I'm using it. Firefox is also an option and seems to have improved the last time I tried it. Duck Duck Go is great. tribune7
Do we know why the video was actually taken down? Seversky
Thanks for the tip about the Brave browser and DuckDuckGo. That's the first I'd heard of them. I think I might give them a try. Seversky
Just use Adblock, Brave browser and DuckDuckGo search... and of course minimize anything Google, Facebook, Twitter, and fake media interactions. This being said, complaining about Hollyweird, YouTube and this or that celebrity statement is the best you can do?!? Nonlin.org
Truth Will Set You Free at 1, you have got that right. Speaking for myself (News), I would also gladly pay, especially to be free of the awful ads that now often precede - just for example - Christian contemplative vids. During a recent political uproar in Canada, it was not possible to listen to contemplative prayers without first hearing NOISE from local politicians! That is not right. News
I would leave Youtube in a split second if there was another vast library of good videos. That is the problem with monopoly-like social media sites. Truth Will Set You Free

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