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From Illustra Media: New origin of life film, the trailer


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In a New Documentary, Origin, Paul Nelson and Ann Gauger Confront the Enigma of Chemical Evolution

Materialist accounts of origins face a dual challenge — biological evolution and chemical evolution. The latter describes the problem of generating life from nonlife in the hostile environment of the early Earth. To call that problem overwhelming, given the resources of matter and energy alone — in other words, blind churning — doesn’t begin to do it justice. It doesn’t even begin to begin.


OriginDVD-Cover__44959.1473718956.1280.1280.jpgThat’s the takeaway from an effective new documentary from Illustra Media, Origin: Design, Chance and the First Life on Earth, featuring Discovery Institute biologist Ann Gauger and philosopher of biology Paul Nelson. Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell is the definitive work on the origin-of-life puzzle and why it points powerfully to intelligent design. But if you’ve got only 45 minutes to devote to perhaps the ultimate question that human beings can ask themselves, then Origin delivers a strong and accessible précis of the argument. [DVD available] More.

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Is this an old-earth creation view? sahendric
Love it! Buying several copies as gifts for friends and family. Truth Will Set You Free

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