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From Philip Cunningham: Darwinian Materialism vs Quantum Biology

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OMG - that article claiming enough time and energy applied will eventually overcome the lowest entropy in the known universe life, is so stupid. http://www.iflscience.com/phys.....e-physics/ mentioned above - what a cop out ...This just goes to show you that a physicist may know his math, but when he tries to cross over into biology and chemistry, can come out looking like a retard on the other side. And its not according to any new "research" its according to a new quick and dirty PHILOSOPHICAL musing.. no experiments were done.... good grief. First he uses the laws of entropy and correctly says everything eventually over time winds down to a state of disorder, molecules and structures, that solidify as a result of forces like gravity, will eventually break apart. In fact they had to come up with yet another chicken and egg hypothesis to achieve this. What current theory says now is that a "shock" from a exploding star, a supernova, provides enough energy to force the gas past the gas laws, and push it together tight enough to have it start collapsing in on itself due to gravity - of course this allows for yet another unexplained fact that they handwave away - you have to have a star exploding to create a star??? But to say that a mix of chemicals, that has heat or light applied to it long enough will result in one of the lowest entropy structures in the universe - a human cell, is a horribly weak and stupid thing to say. All of life's interlocking real time structures that use energy is a complete cop out. Most organic material of life would fall apart under various inputs of energy - it takes a step by step, complex process, no a frying pan and amino acids! Such a dumb article. Tom Robbins
J-Mac, Did you miss answering the questions addressed to you posted @65-67 & @101 in the thread pointed to by the following links? @65-67: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/philosophy/physicist-david-snoke-thinks-that-christians-should-not-use-the-kalaam-argument-for-gods-existence/#comment- @101: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/philosophy/physicist-david-snoke-thinks-that-christians-should-not-use-the-kalaam-argument-for-gods-existence/#comment-637079 Dionisio
I always learn something new whenever Phillip posts something. Don Eigler summed up the evidence about wave function when he said: "I don't believe in this wave-particle duality... I think it's mostly just left over baggage of having started off understanding the world in terms of particles and then being forced, because of the quantum revolution, to think of the world in terms of waves... Don't even think of them as particles. Electrons are waves. And if you think of them in terms of waves, you will always end up with the right answer. Always" So, he thinks of electrons as waves... I always suspected that electrons are either waves or quantum fluid or liquid; neither waves nor particles... If we think of the universe i.e. material world in terms of waves, everything changes...everything... J-Mac
Fantastic video. Thank you. Truth Will Set You Free
Interesting video The universe is fine tuned for life acording to new theories, but we can always find a materialistic naturalistic excuse for everything http://www.iflscience.com/physics/life-inevitable-consequence-physics/ kurx78
Very interesting. Thanks. Dionisio

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