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From The Best Schools: Straight talk on sex and politics

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In a wider sense, of course, sex is important because it is a crucial aspect of all animal life, and we are animals.

The secular-liberal effort to wrench human sexuality out of its traditional moral matrix is, in the final analysis, an effort to deny there is any difference between us and the other animals.

But we are different. And the moral lens through which normal human beings have always regarded their sexuality is one of the most profound aspects of that difference.


Well, yes. If the cat eats her kittens, is it a crime? Of course not. Yet we detest cannibalism in humans and treat it as a crime. The nonsense about, for example, chimp police doesn’t change any of that.

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Binge-drinking by youngsters in the UK has reached such proportions that it's become something of a scandal, even in our decadent, 'let it all hang out' society. Although finally the politicians have been shamed by comments in foreign newspapers. This quip from a reader appeared in one of our newpapers: "I was shocked to read thousands of fourteen-year old girls are binge-drinking. Who's looking after their children?" Mind you, the youngsters been viciously betrayed by the depraved, neoliberal economic policies of both left(sic) and right-wing parties, and the worst may yet be in the pipeline; so with precious little spiritual edification as a bulwark, they've plenty of reason to want to anaesthetize their brains. Axel

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