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You knew this had to happen: Junkomics

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“Junkomics is the study of artificially induced expression of junk DNA sequences,” making functional elements from junk DNA.

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Paper link here.

We asked a simple question – Why did nature choose a particular region for making proteins ? Did she sample all possible combinations, chose some and rejected others. If she did not sample all possibilities, can we express naturally not-coding DNA into functional peptides and proteins. If yes, will all combinations work ? What will be the boundary condition of such an approach and what are the best case scenarios ?

To address these questions, we invented a technique to artificially convert non-coding sequences into functional genes. We call them eka genes (ekam – first, in sanskrit). Here is a link to the paper.

See also: Junk DNA strikes again.

He said it: Darwin’s junk DNA zealots “have forfeited any claim … to be speaking for science”


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