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Fun: Dinesh D’Souza imagines himself as Ditchard Rawkins


American pop culture figure Dinesh D’Souza almost impersonates the famous Oxford professor and Darwinian atheist Dichard Rawkins:

No relation, we are sure, to Richard Dawkins:

Readers, is this fair?

If so, one is tempted to say, “Now do Daniel Dennett. D’Souza will then need to acquire a rather imposing beard, of course …

In real life: I watched with some trepidation yesterday as a neighbor "ascended" a very tall ladder and stood on the top rung while stringing Christmas lights on the gable of his roof. The lights were plugged in and flashing while he performed this bit of acrobatics. Seems like a pretty good "experiment" in the opposite direction. He "descended" safely after creating a bit of beauty for God's sake. polistra
Well, if he performs the experiment often enough, he would become a candidate for a Darwin award. Fasteddious
Sounds convincing to me, but I will wait until he replicates the experiment. If he does, he should feature in the New Year Honours list; scientists who risk their lives doing dangerous experiments deserve no less. Belfast

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