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Further to homo Naledi not pubb’d in Nature


We wondered too,

And now:

“In science there is always a gap between the data you have and the interpretations you draw. And in the case of proclaiming a new species the gap is really large,” said Christoph Zollikofer of the University of Zurich.
Others say the fossils belong to an already-named species.
The University of California’s Tim White said from what he had seen, the fossils belonged to Homo erectus, a species discovered in the late 19th century.
“New species should not be created willy-nilly. In order to claim a new species one has to demonstrate that it’s different from anything that’s ever been known,” he said.
White noted the published findings included a table comparing 83 anatomical features of naledi with other species.
“When you look across those characters where it’s claimed to differ from Homo erectus, you find that the portrayal of Homo erectus is often inaccurate. And only 13 of the 83 characters are even alleged to be different,” he said.
Questions have also been raised about the failure to date the find and the theory that the species might have disposed of its dead, which has been proposed as the most plausible scenario for the bones’ placing in the cave but is ultimately a guess.
Naledi’s lead scientist, Lee Berger of Johannesburg’s University of the Witwatersrand, countered that his critics were the ones showing haste. More. —

Yeah. How many years ago did these people die? Why be hasty now?

Still watching.

A critique. kairosfocus
Prof Berger is of course the same guy that punted Sediba with as much hype and fanfare. Sediba it turned out was not so special. Media still has not really reported on it but they sure love a good monkey story because hey they are shaped for fitness not for truth so now we have Naledi and I see many news outlets calls Naledi a Hominid and not a Homonin. Andre

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