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Gene Expression Evolution: Your Daily Teleology …

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Here is a new paper that claims to show the rate of gene expression evolution in a range of different mammalian species. Of course the paper shows no such thing. What it does show are gene expression rates in extant species. And what they found is that those rates are all over the map. The rates are often similar, but in other cases the rates not only vary between species, they also vary between organs and even chromosomes. As usual, the evolutionists describe the findings using teleological language to cover over what evolution really says:  Read more

You could measure "gene expression rate" as the number of transcripts produced per unit time (w/ qPCR) but that's not what this paper did. I think Cornelius has confused the rate of evolutionary change in expression patterns ('on' or 'off' in particular tissues and particular times) for the "expression rate" of particular genes. Other than that you have the stock amazement that the starting conditions had to be such and such for a contingent process to arrive and specific (and not pre-specified) result. Not so amazing. wd400
Well, I'd like to hear from Cornelius, it was his term. He claims the paper shows "gene expression rates in extant species". I can see nothing in the paper that corresponds to anything I could imagine the term meaning, including your suggestions. Many genes are expressed as needed, or at a specific stage of development. The "rate" of expression would be a pretty meaningless measure, and I have no idea how you would measure it. I would like Cornelius to explain what he means. Elizabeth Liddle
Could be the number of times a gene gets expressed- or even the speed it gets experessed- or even the quality of the expressed gene. Joseph
What is gene expression rate Cornelius? I get gene expression evolution rate in different tissues or at different developmental stages, and gene expression level in different tissues, or at different developmental stages, but what is "gene expression rate"? Elizabeth Liddle

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