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Getting EXPELLED into Local Theaters


Dennis Wagner posted the following at ARN (go here). I post it at UD with his permission. He offers useful advice on how to get EXPELLED (www.expelledthemovie.com) into the local theaters this April.

Get Expelled Now!!!
The Expelled Challenge
By Dennis Wagner
ARN Executive Director

Several of you have inquired if Expelled will be showing at your local theater when it is released in April. The answer is only YOU can know for sure. The producers don’t have a lot of say about which theaters pick up their movie. Theaters chains and local theater managers schedule their movies based on perceived demand and interest in their community. So if you want to see this powerful documentary in your favorite theater, go to the getexpelled.com website and print off one of these posters and write your name and phone number on it. Go to the theater and ask for the manager. Ask her when this movie will be scheduled in that theater. Tell her you are bringing a boat load of your friends and you are going to be passing posters out at your church, or your office, or your Rotary Club, etc. and you would like to list the theater that will be showing the movie on the poster. Better yet, tell her you want to buy an entire “showing” and then sell or give away the tickets.

Now here is why you want to do this. You have the opportunity to help launch Expelled into the all time top 10 of theater released documentaries. Take a close look at that list. If we can get Expelled in just 250 theaters with a domestic box office of just $10M, it has a chance to make the top 10 list. 1,200 theaters and a $25M box office will place it in the top 3 above Sicko and An Inconvenient Truth. I’ve seen Sicko. I’ve seen An Inconvenient Truth. I’ve seen Expelled. Expelled is a more balanced and compelling documentary about what wrong with America then either of these. Unlike these two documentary’s Ben Stein does not spend two hours showing you selective data and then try to convince you that you should believe ID instead of Darwin. Instead Stein documents the many lives and careers that have been ruined because people dared to challenge the assumption of Darwinism in a land where we value our freedom to ask questions above all else. I have not talked to a person yet that has watched a prescreening of Expelled and been disappointed.

You may feel that you don’t have a lot to say about who our next President may be with your single vote. But you do have a lot to say about what the important social issues of our time are. You start by talking to your local theater and then by helping to get as many bodies in the seats as you can opening weekend. Suddenly your one vote is leveraged into 1,000, just because you asked. So take the Expelled Challenge with me. Let’s see if we can’t launch Expelled high up the Top 10 documentary list by talking to our local theaters and spreading the word to our family, friends and colleagues. If we are successful, we may open the door for other important documentaries in the future. The people in Hollywood make decisions based on box office numbers. Let your voice be counted.


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