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Fun: The puffer fish creates a beautiful pattern to find a mate

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And he probably doesn’t even know it’s a beautiful pattern…

Hat tip: Ken Francis, co-author with Theodore Dalrymple of The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd

also notice, how Darwinian clowns trying to distract from what is much more important. They called it a "Masterpiece of love" ... but they never talk about how an uneducated tiny fish with no knowledge of math can create something geometrical so sophisticated and precise. Moreover, this fish is doing this UNDERWATER, where are currents, everything is moving, in other words, it is unimaginably more difficult than on a dry land. martin_r
Darwin would be too busy waiting on the fossils to show up to notice anything. Fossil records that were supposed to explain the Cambrian explosion that have never been found. BobRyan
This is a clear message from our Creator to all Darwinian clowns. I was wondering, how such a geometrical accuracy can be explained by evolution. I looked up the original scientific paper on this, no word about evolution. ... random mutations, chance, sexual selection ... HA HA HA ... Darwinian clowns and their just-so-stories... Obviously, this tiny fish is hardcoded to create these patterns. I came across a similar article 5 years ago, first, the scientists thought, that some divers are doing these 'underwater crop circles'. Yes, they named it crop-circles, because people thought that other people are doing it ... So they installed underwater cameras, .... as always, no Darwinian was expecting this (a tiny fish) I would like to see, how darwinian clowns (e.g. Seversky, with all his education) could mimic this with such a geometrical accuracy with no use of any tools, measuring tape, a rope, ... using just naked hands.... and, to create this IN A PROPER SCALE ... AND UNDERWATER, where are currents, everything is moving, and everything is even more difficult (Those who dive know...) Obviously, nothing is impossible in Darwinian magic world ... Our Creator says HELLO! :))))) PS: i would like to see Charles Darwin's face. Of course, he had no idea, this was discovered only few years ago, thank to modern technology. martin_r
How do you know he doesn't think it's beautiful? Why would he do it if he didn't feel pleasure in the act? Other mating tokens like nests or shiny rocks are also beautiful *by human standards*. Clearly there's a shared emotional response to certain kinds of symmetry and color patterns and sound patterns. Probably smell patterns and electrostatic field patterns as well, but humans are too dim in those senses to appreciate the beauty. polistra
All I ca say is... Cool. Mac McTavish

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