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Go deep in debt for evo psych degree?

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Oh, wait. Read this first, re Theodore Dalrymple’s new  book:

However, it’s also clear from the outset that the primary target of his scathing critique is not psychology but reductionism, the view that all aspects of human life and values can be exhaustively explained in terms of physical processes:

No, seriously. Someone noticed.

Contrarian Theodore Dalrymple, who investigated the mentality of the British underclass in Life at the Bottom, has frequently described psychology as a modern religion, or pseudo-religion. The medical establishment is the brave new priest class, while the anxious therapy patient replaces the penitent sinner.

If so, then Dalrymple must be a heretic of the first order. … Moreover, deference to psychology has led to a culture of self-obsession and a diminution of personal responsibility.

And more jobs for bureaucrats. Isn’t that really the point?

From book blurb:

Dalrymple reveals how the fashionable schools of psychoanalysis, behaviorism, modern neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology all prevent the kind of honest self-examination that is necessary to the formation of human character. Instead, they promote self-obsession without self-examination, and the gross overuse of medicines that affect the mind.

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I watched a programme not long ago on a Sunday morning, on the panel they had an evolutionary psychologist. Every time they went to him for his opinion he just kept saying humans had adapted to whatever it was they were talking about. Useless lol. logically_speaking
Life at the Bottom was one of the most revealing looks at the mindset of what is called the underclass that I've ever read. Anything by this author -- Theodore Dalrymple is a pseudonym -- is worth checking out. WARNING! WARNING! Threadjacking & boasting ahead! Okay, I'll say it: I'm incredibly pleased and proud that one of my all-time top students attended the ID Summer Conference in Seattle this year. She won state in four different subjects when she was in high school (yep, tops in state every year), three of which I taught. She went on to a very prestigious Ivy, where she graduated cum laude. I suspect the law is in her future. Won't mention her name here, of course, but you'll likely see it in the years to come. Way to go!!! anthropic

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