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Mathematician Granville Sewell on Common Design


On this episode of 

Dr. Sewell’s new book, In the Beginning: And Other Essays on Intelligent Design, is published by Discovery Institute Press.

Click here to listen.ID the Future, pro-ID mathematician Granville Sewell explains his views on common design and how the second law of thermodynamics challenges materialism. Listen in as Sewell and Luskin explore an expanse of important topics, such as the origin of human consciousness, scientism, education policy, and the problem of evil.


Have I spoken too soon? Will it be available through Amazon? Charlie
I don't listen to too many of these podcasts but this is one of Casey's better interviews of the ones I've heard. Sounds like Sewell provides a lot of good answers to the usual objections. Into my shopping cart it goes. ps. Frost ... were you returning the book to Borders' original shelving decision? I hope so. Charlie
I was over at a Borders books tonight and saw a copy of Signiture In The Cell placed in the "Philosophy" section so I picked it up and placed in the science section next to Dawkin's book "The Greatest No Show On Earth" Also I was thinking today that God sure has a sense of humor - in that Charles Darwin the father of the "Scientific" theory of evolution had NO degrees in any feild of science but Darwin did have a degree in Theology. I just find the irony of that absolutely amazing. Frost122585

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