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Granville Sewell: Bladderworts are irreducibly complex


They are carnivorous plants, also known as Utricularia

In his book Darwin’s Black Box, Michael Behe offered the mousetrap as an example of a simple everyday device that is “irreducibly complex,” because it requires several components before it can catch any mice. Behe argued that there are many such machines in living cells which have no use, and therefore provide zero selective advantage, until all or many of their numerous components are in place.

Well, here is Behe’s mousetrap in nature!

Granville Sewell, “Aquatic Bladderworts — Michael Behe’s “Irreducibly Complex” Mousetrap in Nature” at Evolution News and Science Today

Carnivorous plants construct “mousetraps” which are no use to the plant until they succeed. How then did they evolve randomly by chance? As Sewell notes, Darwinian explanations for how their trick of trapping and eating animal life forms are not very convincing.

Utricularia? Name rings a bell. Oh yes:

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