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A new piece of information in the question of why matter exists at all in the universe


The question, unpacked, is: Why didn’t equal amounts of matter and antimatter in the universe cancel each out out?:

The team of physicists found that the neutron has a significantly smaller EDM (electrical dipole moment) than predicted by various theories about why matter remains in the universe; this makes these theories less likely to be correct, so they have to be altered, or new theories found. In fact it’s been said in the literature that over the years, these EDM measurements, considered as a set, have probably disproved more theories than any other experiment in the history of physics. The results are reported today, Friday 28 February 2020, in the journal Physical Review Letters.

University of Sussex, “Why is there any matter in the universe at all? New study sheds light” at ScienceDaily

So the new find doesn’t answer the question but it enables theories to be winnowed.

Paper. (open access)

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