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Greg Dawes Contradicts Himself

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It is good to see that philosophers such as Greg Dawes understand thatDarwin “argued for his theory by contrasting it with the idea of special creation” which he found to be “utterly puzzling.” But on the same page the University of Otago professor states that the modern sciences are naturalistic as they make no reference to non-natural agents. No reference to non-natural agents?  Read more

It is interesting that this OP will get almost no comments here at UD when the very essence of the debate is being contested. Dawes is a reasonable person but makes some very basic mistakes. Mistakes that make his whole world view at best problematic. He has to deceive himself to accept what he accepts. jerry
Evolution is the Creation Myth of Atheists. Atheism cannot be a complete philosophy without a Creation Myth. So even though Atheists may argue about Economics or Politics, they must defend Evolution to the death or admit that, Philosophically, Atheism cannot provide a complete, coherent explanation of what we know exists. mahuna

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