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Harvard astronomer is back: Radio bursts could be aliens


Remember the fast radio bursts that attracted attention recently? But no, it’s not aliens.

Oh wait. We stand corrected by orthodox science! The guy who suggested that the space cigarillo Oumuamua might be a light alien spacecraft thinks no, the radio bursts could be aliens at work:

“At the moment we do not have a smoking gun that clearly indicates the nature of FRBs,” Loeb said. “So all possibilities should be considered, including an artificial origin. A civilization might generate a powerful beam of light to propel cargos with a sail and we could observe the leakage of that radiation outside the boundaries of the sail.”

This is an idea Loeb has also worked on making a reality for our civilization. He’s chairman of the Breakthrough Starshot advisory committee, which is a Mark Zuckerberg-backed effort to send a tiny, lightweight spacecraft to Alpha Centauri propelled by powerful laser beams.

Eric Mack, “Mysterious, looping space signal could be aliens, says Harvard scientist” at C/Net

Bow down and acknowledge your intellectual superiors, ignorant peasant.

The reader who sent this tip notes, “Consider me skeptical but it’s interesting that design inferences are fine so long as it’s just aliens…”

Actually, reader, some science personalities will believe darn near anything about anything as long as it is aliens. See Tales of an invented god.

See also: No, those fast radio bursts are not aliens. For one thing, as Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)’s Seth Shostak points out, the bursts are from widely varying locations, which is unlikely unless the aliens inhabited the whole universe.

Oumuamua as aliens? Well, see here: Tales of Oumuamua: Why are we still talking about the Oumuamua alien sighting panic? Oumuamua alien sighting panic?

What? Oumuamua Was Just A Comet? After All The ET Hype?

Astronomer: We’re too dumb to think space object Oumuamua was an extraterrestrial lightsail.Hmmm. In the real world, when you are an only child so far as you know, it is hard to compare yourself to your siblings. Few readily accept criticism for failure to measure up to the standards of imaginary beings.

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Astronomers: Solar system object in transit, Oumuamua, might be a “light sail of extra-terrestrial origin”

I posted about this already, the signals are 500 million years old, if and I do mean if it was anything, Whatever it was has long since been dead, and they are not aiming at towards us, because 500 million years ago there would’ve been no way to predict where we would be at in the universe at that time AaronS1978

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