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Harvard astronomer still thinks space cigarillo Oumuamua might be “alien tech”


No, really:

Researchers pushing the alien probe hypothesis pointed out that the object appeared to be accelerating with no apparent explanation. But others argued that the acceleration was caused by solar radiation. Another suggested that hydrogen was emanating from it, making it a giant, hydrogen-fuelled iceberg.

Now, in a new study published last week in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, researchers Avi Loeb — Harvard University astrophysicist and strong supporter of the alien hypothesis — and Thiem Hoang from the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, argue that it can’t be a massive lump of hydrogen after all.

In other words, as Live Science points out, there’s still a chance it’s alien tech.

Victor Tangermann, “Astronomers: There’s Still a Chance ‘Oumuamua Is Alien Tech ” at Futurism

Skepticism makes no headway here so it must in fact be a sort of naturalist religious cult. A tale of an invented god.

Here’s a reasonable discussion of the object from 2018:

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