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He said it: A truly committed scientist will bet just about anything …

Steven Weinberg, Nobelist 1979

It must be acknowledged that there is a big difference in the degree of confidence we can have in neo-Darwinism and in the multiverse. It is settled, as well as anything in science is ever settled, that the adaptations of living things on Earth have come into being through natural selection acting on random undirected inheritable variations. About the multiverse, it is appropriate to keep an open mind, and opinions among scientists differ widely. In the Austin airport on the way to this meeting I noticed for sale the October issue of a magazine called  Astronomy, having on the cover the headline “Why You Live in Multiple Universes.” Inside I found a report of a discussion at a conference at Stanford, at which Martin Rees said that he was sufficiently confident about the multiverse to bet his dog’s life on it, while Andrei Linde said he would bet his own life. As for me, I have just enough confidence about the multiverse to bet the lives of both Andrei Linde and Martin Rees’s dog.

– Steven Weinberg, “Living in the Multiverse”, The Nature of Nature , pp. 554-555

Did Linde ever offer a counterbet? Anyone know? O'Leary
"As for me, I have just enough confidence about the multiverse to bet the lives of both Andrei Linde and Martin Rees’s dog." I loled. tragic mishap
But would they bet their eternal, transcendent, soul and/or mind on it??? Quantum Coherence and Consciousness - Scientific Proof of 'Mind' - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/6266865/ Particular quote of note from video; "Wolf Singer Director of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research (Frankfurt) has found evidence of simultaneous oscillations in separate areas of the cortex, accurately synchronized in phase as well as frequency. He suggests that the oscillations are synchronized from some common source, but the actual source has never been located." James J. Hurtak, Ph.D. - Ph.D. on non-local consciousness I hold this evidence, from Wolf Singer, to be concrete proof for the 'transcendent mind' of man, since the 'simultaneous actions' in the brain are 'instantaneous' and are thus impossible to be explained by, or reduced to, any of the physical 'space-time energy/matter' chemical processes of the brain. bornagain77

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