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Here is Benjamin Jones’ Faustian Bargain

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In his Guardian piece this week Atheist Benjamin Jones is spot on when he says that science works. Cosmology and evolutionary biology, Jones explains, have answered the question of how the world came to be. Indeed, evolution is a fact. What Jones misses, though, is why evolution is a fact. It makes all the difference.  Read more

Jones makes it clear as he bemoans the religious wars. For atheists, Jones explains, “religion is a force for ill.” What Jones does not explain, and no doubt has not understood, is that for atheists, there can be no such thing as ill in the first place. There can be no true knowledge of good and evil because, according to them, matter and motion is all there is. Such a world has no good and evil, only molecular configurations with no truth value.
He says religion is on the wane, to a large extent, because of religious wars. People think religion is the cause of evil - so they replace religion with an idea (atheism) that eliminates the concepts of good and evil entirely. Silver Asiatic
In one phrase he talks about the freedom to create one's own meaning and purpose and in the next he opposes science and faith. Nobody explains how "science works" to solve questions of purpose. Atheism actually creates a void of meaning and purpose. That void is usually filled with some kind of radicalism. Silver Asiatic
Benjamin Jones: (...) if given sufficient attention science offers a deeply satisfying model for how we got to be here. (...) Initial scepticism about God, often during early childhood, is consolidated later by the superior explanatory power of modern science. Science works.
"Deeply satisfying", "superior explanatory power" ... what the heck is this guy talking about? Notice the attempt of total annexation of science by atheism. Box

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