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Here is Evolution’s Version of the Multiverse


Physicists have come up with the idea that there could be an astronomical number of universes in addition to our own. They call it the multiverse. It can explain very improbable events, such as the origin of life, because no matter how improbable an event, it becomes a virtual certainty when you have so many universes in which it might happen. This idea of separated worlds is now emerging in genetics as well, as some evolutionists are contemplating the idea of different DNA worlds. The evolutionary tree model doesn’t work very well, and so evolutionists are experimenting with other models. One is a network model and using it evolutionists have found that DNA sequences in nature tend to separate into different worlds. But unlike the different universes in the multiverse, these DNA worlds can have some limited interaction. This means that, as usual, evolutionary theory has gained a great many new degrees of freedom. Here is how the evolutionistssummarize their findings:  Read more

found it here Bango
I once read a very small part of a huge article online, that went into great detail about the flaws of evolution. Sadly, I forget all of it but a very few things. It talked about how, when DNA mutates, the sheer improbability of completing a stable chain, let alone a chain that gives a creature a better chance at survival. Also, just the gradual formations of some of the more complex parts of plants and animals. Such as the eye. How exactly do things evolve to have eyes? At what point during the process does sight become a factor? Is one animal blind, and her offspring all of a sudden can see? Or is it gradual, the mother can make out outlines of things, and her offspring can maybe see a few more colors? All of this sounds silly to me. I'm trying to find that article again, which brought me here. Bango
Hi PeterJ - sorry for asking - but can you tell me what is wrong with the theory of evolution? I am now writing my thesis and the subject is that the evidence shows that evolution explains life better than any other theory. I am open in my opinions and would love to be able to state even a single FACT that shows, even weakly, that evolution cannot be true. I will follow any leads you can provide me to their source. I really hope you, or someone can help me Cheers nissim
Is there a universe within the multiverse where evolution or the multiverse isn't true? Or perhaps one wherein I asked this question and the answer is yes in which case the answer is no - I think? ronvanwegen
I love that show. It's fourteen episodes of brilliance and fun. The man they call Jayne: "Hey, I got an idea. Instead of us hanging around playing art critic till I get pinched by the Man, how's about we move away from this eerie-ass piece of work and get on with our increasingly eerie-ass day, how's that?" material.infantacy
"Mudder" Someone is a Firefly fan. I am too. The best SF television show (by far) in the history of the medium; cancelled after a mere 14 episodes. Sigh. Barry Arrington
Just for fun: Son, ...we're all just Lucky Mudders! Evo-Priests have told us so! Idol prestidigitation By The Bright Ones In-the-Know! "Ashtar's Lucky Mudders" continued.... herehttp://www.tomgraffagnino.com/thoughtspage/2012/1/28/ashtars-lucky-mudders.html Tom Graffagnino
It's not very good evidence for commen descent, is it? Jon Garvey
There surely must come a time soon when even the most ardent evolutionist stands up and says sonething like 'look guys, enough is enough. This really is turning into a circus. I'm out here!' It really is a farce. PeterJ

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