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Human and non-human alike?


Maybe naturalism is reaching its natural basement.

I just got this media release:

Bigotry, dismissiveness, stereotyping and objectification are all forms of depersonalization that are negatively shaping human behavior.

Dr. Dorothy I Riddle, psychologist and economic development specialist, has dedicated her life to ending violence. In her new book, she provides practical strategies for re-wiring how humans and nonhumans relate to the world, such as tolerance and working towards compassion for all.

May I send you a complimentary copy of “Moving Beyond Duality” or help coordinate an interview or guest article?

The tome in question would seem to be some iteration of this one:

Are you free of prejudice? Less than five percent of us are because of the pervasiveness of dualistic, “us”/”them” thinking. In Moving Beyond Duality, Dr. Riddle draws on research from quantum physics, the life sciences, and the social sciences to describe our actual dynamic energetic reality and expose the unconscious habits that hold the harmful illusion of duality in place. She shows how we depersonalize ourselves and others (including nonhumans) through bigotry, dismissiveness, stereotyping, and objectification. Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience, she clarifies that good intentions are not enough to counter embedded habits. And she provides a series of practical strategies and exercises to uncover depersonalizing habits and create lasting change.

Moving Beyond Duality reminds us that it is relationship and connectedness that define us-whether by their absence or their richness. We are all-human and nonhuman alike-part of the cosmic sea of energy that is the One Life, cherished in our diversity.

My own reaction was, go tell it on the mountain, to wolves, bears, and coyotes. If you survive, come back and tell me. Otherwise, leave normal human beings alone.


By looking internationally at human behavior towards both humans and nonhumans, specifically minorities, women, LGBT, and environmental and animal rights, Dorothy I. Riddle, Ph.D., CMC, saw a need for building bridges of tolerance and working towards compassion for all.

Does that “compassion for all” include or EXclude unborn children getting dismembered in abortions, without anaesthetic, simply for the crime of being unwanted? No, we somehow didn’t think it included them. Wonder how we knew.

All causes end in the ridiculous and naturalism (nature is all there is and humans are not special) is reaching light speed with that.

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Retraction call for fetal pain paper: The internet has made many deceptions harder to sustain. Watch for some abortion industry spokespeople to call for efforts to step up the persecution/prosecution of those who expose facts.

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