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Here is How Evolutionists Are Trying To Account For Adaptive Mutations

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It has long been known, and even longer been suspected, that organisms not only can adapt rapidly to environmental challenges, but that such adaptations can be passed on to subsequent generations. Evolutionists have resisted such findings, but they now are beyond dispute. Whereas the evolutionary dogma had been that populations undergo change via selection acting on random variation, the science revealed that populations can change quite rapidly and in response to the environmental shift. Indeed there are is a variety of mechanisms that are now at least partially understood that play a role in this environmentally-directed process. Some influence which genes are expressed and others modify the DNA using the so-called adaptive mutations. So now at least some evolutionists are trying to incorporate this once eschewed view into evolutionary theory. Here is apaper that gives a brief overview of the idea that evolution has created a complex set of mechanisms which, in turn, produce these directed adaptations that we observe in biology. It begins by noting that a few leading evolutionists had a sense that random mutations plus natural selection were insufficient to explain the biological world, and how they were correct:  Read more


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