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String theory now “thoroughly irrelevant” to Large Hadron Collider work?


Unstrung? From Peter Woit at Not Even Wrong, on what the Large Hadron Collider has actually told us:

Matt Strassler posts here about a recent panel discussion of phenomenologists talking about the implications of the latest results from the LHC. You can listen to the thing for yourself, and see what Matt has to say at his blog, but here are some things that I noticed from watching the discussion:

I don’t recall string theory even getting mentioned once. The extent to which string theory is now agreed to be thoroughly irrelevant to LHC physics is kind of striking. The few people like Kane claiming otherwise are being ignored as an embarrassment. If evidence for SUSY or extra dimensions had shown up, this would be very, very different.

Arkani-Hamed is probably the dominant personality in this field, and as Matt mentions, he embodies the conventional wisdom of the subject, expressing it at length and with brio. Back in 2005 he was claiming we would know whether SUSY solves the hierarchy problem within a year of LHC turn-on. Somewhat more than a year after LHC turn-on, in February 2011, he was saying that we’d have to wait until 2020. Now he’s putting it differently: it’s the “eleven and a halfth hour” for the idea of SUSY solving the hierarchy problem.

The only remaining hope for this is that there’s a light stop, which has so far escaped detection, and gluinos just above the current bounds.

It is going to be very interesting in the next decade if news settles in that the Large Hadron Collider provides no support for theories intended to rule out fine-tuning.

Theoreticians are already moving to put the multiverse beyond the reach of evidence/disconfirmation. Will compulsory multiverse teaching in schools (like compulsory Darwinism) follow?

Actually I recently read a book from amazon called Absolute relativity - theory of everything. The author determines new physical theory which advises that the expansion of the universe is limiting the velocity of light. Light does not determine its own velocity in isolation. It can only move as fast as the Primary Dimension being created by the very expansion of the local universe. This sounds very logical to my thinking! Additionally, this same expansion and creation of new Spacetime around us and through us second for second since the so called big bang also determines the association and dissociation of atomic Standard Model particles by the lawful modification to Planks Constant. He explains as an example how can Liquid helium be a perfect liquid at -273.15C IF the atoms are at the absolute zero point field?? If they are at the absolute they should not be liquid but frozen solid like a rock! The author states that the Absolute zero point field is when the atoms totally dissociate due to the loss of interaction and cohesion between the Standard Model particles. This is caused by the reduction of vibrational frequencies acheivable should the rate of expansion reduce. This sounds more than feasible in my mind - also if we think as he wishes us to understand that the expansion currently at 300,000kms is affecting ALL atoms in the Hubble Zone. Should the rate of expansion slow then ALL the atoms in the HZ will simply vanish in a cloud of energy release as all the cohesion of all atoms will fail simultaneously. I think this new theory is the one to replace the existing string theory. It provides an easy to understand plausible explanation for the ability of mass and biology. It can also be proven by observation of atomic clock performance and possibility of other natural observations such as sun spots. Particularly if the sun spot frequency is simultaneous on all the observed suns. This would mean that there is information between them which could only then be the very expansion and creation of New Spacetime acting between them!!!! Very interesting reading and I think opens up a totally new way of looking at ourselves and the universe around us. He thinks we live in a Einstein legacy and almost a scientific dark age on the basis that Einstein stated that we live in cosmos of constant speed of light and spend trillions of dollars and pounds trying to exceed it - without giving any consideration to the creation of New spacetime by virtue of the expansion of the space around us.....limiting It - This is why you cannot exceed the speed of light. You cannot push it into a dimension which does not exist. One has to await for the dimension to be produced - in our experience a an observed & Constant 300,000kms !!ewj
May 10, 2012
01:23 AM

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