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Here’s the Latest Just-So Story: Recurrent Evolution

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Biology’s designs don’t fit the evolutionary tree very well. Evolutionists expected the species to form, more or less, a common-descent type pattern. Species that are supposed to share a recent common ancestor would be highly similar with only minor differences. And on the other hand, species whose last common ancestor is ancient would be more dramatically different. Sister species could not have any dramatic differences, and distant species could not share unlikely designs that would not have been present in the distant common ancestor. These evolutionary expectations have been falsified many times over. And these failures of evolutionary theory are far greater than any evolutionary “noise.” But such failures do not cast doubt on the theory of evolution itself. This is because evolution is held dogmatically to be a fact. It cannot be false, for it is mandated by metaphysical beliefs which are far more powerful than any scientific reasoning. And so evolutionists appeal to a wide range of just-so stories to explain away the many contradictions to their theory. The latest is called recurrent evolution.  Read more

Simon Conway Morris calls this convergence, which guides life's destiny. He is a theist who believes in evolutionary theory. turell
Evolutionists insist the species arose naturally, their religion requires it.
What could possibly be more natural than a being which cannot not exist? The world we live in is very un-natural. So let's appeal to the non-natural to explain the un-natural and call it naturalism. Everyone on board with that? Mung

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