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Jason Rosenhouse: “I Think You Get the Idea”

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I once heard an evolution professor insist that all of the biological evidences support and confirm the theory of evolution. Since then I found that this view occupies the consensus position. All of the findings in the life sciences are exactly what we would expect from an evolutionary perspective. You can see it everywhere from textbooks to evolutionary journal papers. A good recent example of this thinking comes from professor Jason Rosenhouse.  Read more

Where's RDFish when you need him? Science depends on metaphysical dualism. Therefore science is not science. Mung
It never ceases to amaze me how biologists think they have an instinct for what the constraints are on an infinite, eternal God. Maybe this is because they have not enough allegorical experience in the marked difference between finite and infinite sets in mathematics. For example - if A and B are FINITE sets, it makes sense that if set A contains every element in set B, and set A also contains some elements not found in set B, then set A has more elements than set B. ( |A| > |B| ) However, if A and B are infinite, this "common sense" conclusion does not hold. For example A = natural numbers. B = even natural numbers. |A| = |B| even though A contains every element of B and there are some elements of A not found in set B. This allegory through the world of mathematics does not prove that God has the capabilities Mr. Rosenhouse objects to, but it does indicate that he is behaving exceedingly foolish when he says things like:
God knows what everyone is thinking at every moment of every day. How is that possible? How can he process and store all of that information?
One should never make solid conclusions about the infinite given observations in the finite. It leads one to foolish statements. JDH
If a professor says that all of the biological evidences support and confirm the theory of evolution, it is your duty to ask to see this alleged theory of evolution so you can check this claim. Virgil Cain
Another excellent article from Dr. Hunter. Mung
Personally, I find it incredible that the four fundamental forces of physics, operating from the moment after the Big Bang, could rearrange matter into everything that we see today. That unintelligent causes can ultimately lead to the creation of intelligent creatures, who can then rearrange matter and energy in clever ways, is, I entirely agree, hard to believe. And Darwinian evolution strains credulity as well. I am very sympathetic to the view that natural forces do not construct delicate, biomolecular machines.
Calling RDFish! Mung
From Dr. Rosenhouse: “For example, those biomolecular systems we were talking about never look quite so impressive after you study them in detail. … However superficially implausible they [the problems with evolution] seem, the only alternative on offer is much harder to believe.” We see this sort of junk thought often. The supposed “god” is an incompetent buffoon incapable of designing anything as eloquent as us moderns. * Has Dr. Rosenhouse never watched the execution of a perfect double play in baseball … * Has Dr. Rosenhouse never watched the grace of the soaring seagull … * Has Dr. Rosenhouse never sat before a full orchestra and choir to experience the magnificence of Handel's Messiah … * Has Dr. Rosenhouse never watched the beauty and grace of Olympic figure skaters … * Has Dr. Rosenhouse never read any of the worlds great works of literature … * Has Dr. Rosenhouse never looked in awe at the wonder of the universe as captured by the Hubble Space Telescope invented by “those biomolecular systems” … * Has Dr. Rosenhouse -- his family or friends never benefited by the marvels of modern medicine invented by “those biomolecular systems” … ayearningforpublius

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