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Here’s the Twitter discussion of that ID-friendly paper at the Journal of Theoretical Biology



The Journal of Theoretical Biology published a paper on Intelligent Design (left). Many scientists called for retraction. The journal refused, and instead published a disclaimer (top right) and rebuttal (bottom right).

This is the right action. Rebut, don’t retract. pic.twitter.com/OJayi2UYJa— Colin Wright (@SwipeWright) October 11, 2020

The Darwinist commenters below the tweet would put one in mind of coyotes except that coyotes must, perforce, have pack standards. They can’t just howl ANYTHING they please… Well, we shall see what happens next.

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Journal editors now claim they didn’t “know” that the Thorvaldsen and Hossjer paper was ID-friendly. In Klinghoffer’s telling, maybe the editors thought the paper was okay, maybe even interesting. Then they got mobbed by Darwin thugs and now can’t cringe low enough to atone for their grievous error. Surely there’s a floor down there somewhere…

What's unusual is that the paper was published at all, and then that it wasn't immediately retracted under pressure from the Darwinists. doubter
This isn't really unusual. Editors of newspapers traditionally write their opinions about the news in the articles. Editors of literary and scientific anthologies (Festschrifts) add their opinions about the articles in the collection. polistra
As was commented on the twitter page, "Unsurprisingly the (very brief) “rebuttal” is nothing more than “not so”!". Supposedly we're supposed to take this to heart on authority and humble faith in Darwinism. doubter

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