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Ten reasons why your brain is not the same as your mind


Although we are only beginning to understand the workings of the brain, it clearly isn’t the same thing as the mind. For example:

6. If the mind were real, wouldn’t we be able to control things by thoughts alone? We do that now with our bodies. And we can do it under other circumstances too if an electrical connection can be established. Neurons can work with electrical signals from electronics. This is especially important for helping amputees and blind people. There are already promising results from a prosthetic hand controlled by thoughts alone and a mind-controlled robot arm that needs no brain implant. Orion, a device that feeds camera images directly into the brain via electrodes, bypassing damaged optic nerves, has enabled some vision in study participants. A vast amount of technical work remains to be done, of course. But, just as you control your natural hand by thoughts alone, electronics should, in principle, enable you to do that if you required a prosthesis.

News, “Your mind vs. your brain: Ten things to know” at Mind Matters News

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1 AaronS1978
The answer they ("naturalists") would say it’s just complex.
Which is an assertion, not a proof. Materialism’s Failures: Hylemorphism’s Vindication. (Aristotle is back). Truthfreedom
The argument was settled long ago. "I think, therefor I am." Philosophy has always been evidence of the mind. When my heart beats, it is the work of the brain. When I reply to this thread, it is the mind at work. Free will is the result of the mind. BobRyan
I don't think the brain=mind side is powerful these days. It was universal in the '50s and '60s, when the totally mechanistic views of Skinner and Watson were unchallenged. Now it's a lot weaker, not worth a lot of effort to counteract it. polistra
The answer they would say it’s just complex I appreciate all of these but none are a smoking gun for why they aren’t alike but the can actually be said for the reverse perspective. No brain no mind, 7 billion examples that MY interpretation is right blah blah blah Well I have over trillions of examples of no brain living organisms experiencing and thinking with out a brain too soooooo the no brain no consciousness is trite. Bury it But the problem remains I don’t think we have a real smoking gun we are right AaronS1978

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