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Hoops star Shaquille O’Neal endorses a flat Earth?


From Laura Geggel at LiveScience:

Former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal can likely see that a basketball is round, but the newly proclaimed “flat-Earther” can’t seem to say the same for the planet.

In a podcast that aired Feb. 27, the basketball legend announced that the Earth is flat, saying that when he drives from Florida to California, “it’s flat to me.”

But there are countless ways that show the Earth isn’t flat, but round. (To be specific, it’s an “irregularly shaped ellipsoid,” according to the National Ocean Service.)

Before we dive into the science, here is what O’Neal said, as sports reporter Ben Rohrbach first reported. … More.

Box office? Okay, now we see: It feels flat to him.

But then lots of cosmologists endorse Many Worlds. Why then should cosmology be a union shop?

See also: Newsweek admits, mediaeval world didn’t think Earth was flat. Of course not. That would make Earth a dinner plate circled by globes.

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