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Hoover Institution interview with David Berlinski


In 1996. David Berlinski published an article in Commentary, skewering the vast public nonsense that Darwinism had become – and remained for roughly two decades, only now beginning to totter under a variety of assaults. Time to reminisce a bit:

From “The Deniable Darwin”:

The facts in favor of evolution are often held to be incontrovertible; prominent biologists shake their heads at the obduracy of those who would dispute them. Those facts, however, have been rather less forthcoming than evolutionary biologists might have hoped. If life progressed by an accumulation of small changes, as they say it has, the fossil record should reflect its flow, the dead stacked up in barely separated strata. But for well over 150 years, the dead have been remarkably diffident about confirming Darwin’s theory. Their bones lie suspended in the sands of time—theromorphs and therapsids and things that must have gibbered and then squeaked; but there are gaps in the graveyard, places where there should be intermediate forms but where there is nothing whatsoever instead. More.

See also: A fun story involving Berlinski’s journal (where he is now a contributing editor), Inference Review: Inference Review Did NOT Set Out To Make A Fool Of Cosmologist Adam Becker

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Berlinski is the best. gpuccio
23 years later and Berlinski's essay is still brilliant and on the point. doubter

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