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How angry is the Brit god of science? – pretty angry, it seems …


Following up on the USA Today fantasy: “All is well in Britain between faith and science … scientists holler for Jesus in pulpits … ”

In case anyone wonders how angry the angry god of British science is – against anyone who believes in the existence of another God – read on:

In “Blinded by a divine light” (Guardian, September 28, 2008), Harry Kroto, a 1996 Nobelist and part of a cabal who went after sinner Michael Reiss explained,

I do not have a particularly big problem with scientists who may have some personal mystical beliefs – for all I know the President of the Royal Society may be religious. However, I, and many of my Royal Society colleagues, do have a problem with an ordained minister as Director of Science Education – this is a totally different matter. An ordained minister must have accepted that there was a creator (presumably more intelligent than he is?) thus many of us (maybe 90% of FRSs) cannot see how such a person can pontificate on how to tackle this fundamentally unresolvable conflict at the science/religion interface. Reiss cannot have his religious cake in church and eat the scientific one in the classroom. This is where the intellectual integrity issue arises – and it is the crucial issue in the Reiss affair.

I have had numerous reasons over the years for thinking that theistic evolutionists like Reiss are mostly the useful idiots of a political church, Soviet-style, but his fate surely makes that clear.

Hey! Here’s a URL for another story from the UK that may be of interest to some here at UD. “Ignorance-filled hostility to religion”? Atheist intolerance? Imagine! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/religion/3116598/Composer-James-MacMillan-warns-of-liberal-elites-ignorance-fuelled-hostility-to-religion.html allanius
It is amazing to see people try to separate the development of life and humans from the idea of a higher power, a more intellectual "being," or more correctly, God. Why is it that the majority of people today are entirely focused on separating God and politics? On separating God and science? Is it truly impossible, in the grand scheme of this entirely incomprehensible universe, that these concepts may exist together? That they actually confirm each other? How can one truly separate them? If in case that they do exist together, is it impossible to imagine that God might actually be more intelligent than a single individual, or even the combination of individual intellectual minds? In a world where the “facts” of science are frequently changing and being revised and the approach to science constantly transforming – why is it hard to believe that the deeds of an infinite God could not be completely fathomed by a mere individual human? truthseeker
'Cannot see how such a person can pontificate on how to tackle' this problem really seems to mean 'Can see how this problem can be tackled, but there's only one way for us: Denounce religion outright.' This was a disgrace. nullasalus
Kroto shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Richard Smalley in 1996. Smalley believed in God and rejected mindless Darwinism. scordova
Kroto would have expelled Newton, Maxwell, a long list of other creationist scientists and would probably have burned all those priests and pastors who actually founded the scientific method. A German word comes to mind after reading his article - drachenfutter. Borne

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